As it turned out the only part to their game that was the same as mine was in the name GOLF so at this time I left Rockford to return to Georgia. So here I was back in Dalton where there is one bristle in the whole town and maybe 20 electronic boards. I wanted to get this game out to the steel dart world. But I wasn't sure how or where I could start this next tradition in darts.
     I have to regress back to Kansas City for a minuet and explain that I met a fellow from Chatsworth, GA who was and is one of the top 10 soft tip throwers in GA (at the time) his name was Chris Adair. He had driven to Leavenworth Kansas from Georgia to play at the regional. We had exchanged phone numbers and I called him.

     For the sake of keeping this becoming a novel Chris was able to give me names and places in Chattanooga that played steel darts so I started surveying the places and I found an ideal location it was called Johnny's. So now I had the place to have the game played all I needed were the players. Annette was very helpful in supporting the idea but she had a lot of other commitments and unknown circumstances that prevented her from doing what was necessary to get the game started. By the way Annette was the owner of Johnny's plus the timing was really bad with Christmas and New Years Eve falling on the weekends and very bad weather conditions showed up in January  which made it next to impossible for people to travel and show up.

     Now I have to stop the story and hope you will enjoy and help create the future third tradition in darts.

     If you should want to help and or support my efforts and if I've perked your interest or curiosity send name and phone number where I can get back with you and I would be more then happy to talk about the possibilities of monetary rewards.

     How would you like to have had the rights and a percentage of every and all cricket tournaments that are played across this country? Think about it and drop me a line.

     Thanks for your time and effort for reading though how it came about and where it's going.