Now you have the rules and the story behind the game of DARTGOLF next I would like to tell the story of what and how I proceeded to get this game into the world of darts.

     This begins in Fayetteville, NC some time in mid 1994 I had began going to a place called The Breakers while there I'd met a few people and one in particular who after showing him my game he told me I should put my game on an electronic machine. His name was Paul.
     From that encounter I proceeded to write my description and rules to DARTGOLF and then submitted them to the copy write administration in Washington DC. After I sent my documentation I thought I had sufficient protection to contact arachnid manufactures which I did. After my conversation with Sam Zummuto he explained I should have a patent to truly protect my idea and concept, so I proceeded to do that.

     Now to make a long story short I made all the necessary applications and after applying for my patent I contacted arachnid again. At his point I was invited to Rockford, IL where they are head quartered. Once there I met Sam Z. I was introduced to Bill Ward the president and Mario B. I also met the lady in charge of home and retail sales. I spent two days there and then they flew me to Kansas City with there A-Team to observe their regional tournaments there first one for 1995 season while their I met Davis Shultz who was the tournament director along with John Hassett who was going to be taking Dave's duties on the road, then I met Red McCallum the inventor of Magnum air darts that's another story.

     To move along and after showing Dave, John, and Red the basics of my game I came back to Rockford to finalize my game with Sam. Sam told me they liked my game because it could be played without the use of the Bull's-eye (in the amateur level) but they had found another game some what like my game.