Well if you are reading this you’re probably cheating because you didn't take my advice and practice, or you really are ready for the ultimate DARTGOLF game. If you are the latter then I congratulate you, and look forward in seeing you at one of the tournaments that will be in the near future.

     Here are the rules. Everything remains the same as semi-pro except for the scoring on par threes and the large part of the wedge on each hole you’re shooting. First the double Bull's-eye becomes par (even) single bull equals bogie (+1) outside single bull inside triple ring equals double bogie (+2) anything else is a triple bogie (+3) (wires).

     The main change at shooting at the numbers is the large area (the pie) between the triple ring and double ring within the wedge or pie prior levels of amateur, and semi-pro in this section and the small section between triple ring and Bull's-eye ring where considered par (even) but on this level (pro) the big portion between double ring and triple ring becomes a bogie (+1) in other words if you shoot at an eagle (-2) and miss you'll be looking at a bogie, double bogie, or if you hit a wire and land on the floor a triple bogie (+3) the safe play is to shoot in the middle and stay between the triple ring ( or birdie -1) and Bull's-eye and take pars or get lucky and catch birdies (-1) If your competitive (or behind) then take your best shot and good luck!