SEMI-PRO RULES (continued)

     Well now you have it! These are the two versions which will change, and create the third tradition in the game of darts!

     I believe this game will start a new generation of players as well as new leagues (using 3 and / or 4 man teams) and great weekly and or monthly individual tournaments just like golf PGA that can and will be played all over the United States.

     How would you like to shoot 72 holes at the British open while taking a cruise in the Bahamas? Think about it, or maybe play 72 holes at the  Masters in Augusta, GA while you're in Hawaii. Or how would you like to be at the North American tournament in Las Vegas and while you’re competing in the 01 and cricket matches you shoot 72 holes during the weekend at the Hawaiian classic. (Think about it!)

     This gives you the next level of play and something to practice with. I call it the semi-pro level.

     Your next question should be what's left? That will be in the final chapter, but before you turn the page I recommend that you start at one of these two levels I have just explained, and when you have achieved an average score of 72 or better then I would say you’re ready for the "ultimate level" of DARTGOLF until then good shooting.