So that's how the Bull's-eye came into play. As you become more proficient at playing the amateur round (not using the Bull's-eye for par threes) then you can incorporate the bull as you feel necessary. But which ever way you play it should be determined at the beginning of play and played completely through the 18 holes.

     I also felt that this would change the difficulty for others that always used the 16 for ins and outs for 01 games. Because there are plenty of golf courses that have the 16th hole as par threes and of course you can create your own course that would incorporate which ever numbers you want to be par threes. (up to 4 holes) there by eliminating the easy par threes. As for me 2, 4, 5, 10, and 18 became my par threes, but that's another story.

     One of the things when playing someone for the first time was I would ask what's your favorite out dart, or in dart or both and then I would make sure that number was a par three so they couldn't shoot at the double but instead they had to shoot the Bull's-eye.

     This brings me in how I first started in creating my own golf courses simply by picking two numbers between 1 and 9 and two numbers between 1 and 18 these became the par threes, and I could and would changes these as many times and as often as I wanted (to fit the particular person that I was playing at the time) using his or her favorite ins and outs as the par threes.

     Now you have the complete story of amateur status and the rules to play with the option to play with the Bull's-eye on amateur courses. At this point and time I would suggest (and recommend) that you start playing DARTGOLF using this information I have given you so far and when you can shoot a consistent par round on any course you play then I would continue to the next chapter.