So that's when I thought about throwing three darts and just counting the first dart to hit the number, but then how do you score the hit?    

his kind of became an obsession with me, and I started spending all my time trying to work out a system that could and would be a challenge to a good darter, and at the same time incorporate the (rules and) scores of golf.

     Well, after a while (about 12 months) I found that I could usually hit all the numbers 1-18 with three darts, but I still didn't know how to score the hits. Now during this time I had noticed that I would some times hit the triple ring and some times I would hit the double ring and I thought it should count differently for that but I still wasn't sure how.
     Well to make a long (about another 6 months) story short I came up with the idea of just using 1 dart for each hole(or number) 1-18 and now if I hit a triple it counted as an eagle -2 and a double counted as a birdie -1 any thing in the pie was par. (I was just happy to get pars) if you missed the pie then it was a bogie +1. This was the beginning!

     As time went on I felt it was to easy (lucky) to hit the triple ring while trying to get par. So I reversed the scoring thus making the triple ring count as a birdie -1 and the double ring count as an eagle -2. This made more sense to me, and at the same time gave me reason to practice my double ins and outs for 01 game. This was good but I'm not a bogie golfer (for those that don't understand what that means is I shoot double, and believe it or not I've shot triple bogies on a real golf course). So I notice that now that the double ring was an eagle I shot at the double more (it was good practice for shooting double outs) and now I would hit outside the wire of the double ring, but still on the board. That's when I decided to count that as a double bogie (2 over par).

     Well that brought me to how, or what do I do about triple bogies (3 over par), and that's when I thought about when I slipped, and threw a dart completely off the board, and it hit the wall. That became a triple bogie + 3, or the other way was when I hit a wire, and bounced my dart on the ground that became a triple bogie +3.

     There it was all the parts were together. Par, bogie, birdie, double bogie, eagle, and even triple bogies.