For those that understand the score keeping for golf this is very basic, but for others it may be easier to start keeping score without the golf language, there by making the big and little parts of the pie your aiming at be zero (0), the triple ring is minus one (-1), the double ring is minus two (-2), outside the pie but inside the double ring plus one (+1), outside the double ring but still on the dart board plus two (+2), anywhere else plus three (+3).

     Now that you have shot the front nine you start the back nine, and shoot 10, 11, 12 again keeping score for each round as you did on the front nine. Then 13, 14, 15 and finally 16, 17, 18.

     Using example 4-6: you see that the number 3 player won by shooting the lowest score of 70 which is two under par for the round of 18 holes, the fourth player was runner up with 71.

     Well I've probably really confused you now, so all I can say is get your darts out, and actually play the game!!!

     Also in closing, the best and most competitive way to play DARTGOLF is in the same fashion as the real golfers do, that is to play 4 rounds (72 holes). Obviously you can just shoot 18 holes against another person ( or persons ) for time purpose. You have finished my story on DARTGOLF and I hope you have found it interesting.

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