Now the third shooter (who is the first player) hits par on #4, par on #5 and bogeys on #6 gets +1 for that round. So he had +1 on his first round and now +1 on his second round he ends up with +2.

     The second player shoots last and pars all three holes 4, 5, 6 he is (even) on this round so he will stay at +1 for both rounds, (or one over par)

     Now to finish the front 9, the fourth player still has Honors. But now the second player had a lower round then the third so he goes second and the third player shoots 3rd. Finally the first shooter last again, because he had the highest round.

     Now the fourth player hits par on #1 and par on #8 and bogies #9 he ends up with +1. So he had -1 (or one under par) he adds +1 and comes out even for the front 9. So he goes out on the front 9 with a "36" or what ever the par is for the course you're playing.

     The second player shoots next and gets par on #7, bogies on #8 and pars on #9. That is +1 (or one over par) he adds this to the last round +l= (+2) now he adds this to 36 and has 38 (two over par for the front 9).

     The third player shoots par on #7, par on #8, and eagles the 9th (-2) so he takes that score and adjusts his score from last round +1 to -1 and ends up with 35 or one under par for the front nine.

     Finally the 1st player shoots his last 3 holes on the front nine and he hits par an all three holes 7, 8, and 9. That keeps him even for that round and he stays at +2 for the front or 38.