Finally if you just want to use the chalk board here is the way to keep score: After you have shot your first 3 holes 1, 2, 3 you count your pars, bogies, birdies, etc.

EXAMPLE 1-3: 1st hole par (equals even), 2nd hole bogey (equals +1), 3rd hole par (equals even). So you are plus one (+1), Second player shoots 1s hole par, second hole birdie, equal minus one (-1) or one under par, third hole double bogie (+2) or two over par. When you put this together, even, minus one, plus two, it comes out (+1) over par.

     Third shooter hits par on the 1st hole, and pars the 2nd and 3rd, this would be a par round, (it would be considered a hat trick) and he would stay even (0). The fourth player bogies the 1st hole (+1) birdies the 2nd hole (-1) and eagles the 3rd, that comes out (-2) or two under.

     Now everybody has finished the first three holes, you have two options: One, everybody stays in the same order and shoots the next 3 holes 4, 5, 6 or just like golf the low man goes first. Then the second lowest shooter from the last round goes next, just like in real golf it's called "Honors".

     So if we do it like real golf, then the fourth player would shoot first at 4, 5, 6 and the third player would be second, and then because 1 and 2 both shot the same the first player would shoot and the second player would shoot last.

     So now the fourth player shoots par on #4 (equals even) and par on #5 (even) and bogies on #6 (equals +1) He now adds or subtracts from his last round which would be -2+1 = (-1).

     The third player now shoots and gets par on #4, bogies on #5 (+1) and pars on #6 (even) so now he has +1 on that round, so he was even (-) now +1 equals +1. This part of the game is probably the most difficult to read and understand but when you actually do it on the board it is very simple.