For your interest (or curiosity) this game was created in 1993 in a little bar in Honolulu, Called Brandy's Grill. Now there was this great little bar manager that I met there, she...... .Well that's another story.

     Back to what I was telling you about how this game was created. Here I was sitting at Brandy's and it was raining, and I wanted to play golf. But I'm a fair weather golfer. So I started looking at the dart board thinking it was the 1st hole at the local golf course, and thinking about a hole in one. How could I, put together a way to practice my dart game and incorporate golf at the same time.

     Well, I started with the Bulls eye, and every time I hit center Bull that was a hole in one, if I hit the outside ring it was a birdie and out side that it became Par.

     Well that worked for Par 3's. But what about the rest of the Par 4's (and 5's) so I started looking at the rest of the board.

     That's when it hit me that golf has 18 holes and the board had 18 numbers on it. (plus 19 and 20)

     Now I started throwing at the numbers 1-2-3-4 ect. up to 18. Well first I've got to tell you I'm not the greatest dart thrower and it took more then 18 throws to hit al 18 numbers so I tried to handicap each throw until I hit the number I was trying to hit, But that was confusing. If I missed it on my first throw and got it on my second what was it worth Par, Birdie, Bogey, or if I missed the first two, and hit it on my third dart, then what? Well I think you see the problem.