History of Game

My name is David Gardner and I want to welcome you to the game of  “DARTGOLF”  the next generation in the game of DARTS.

I have known Duke Yancey since July of 2000. He has been telling me about his game of DARTGOLF for the past 6 years which he has a US patend on, during this time I have seen his efforts in getting people involved with the game. It was approximately 2 months ago that Duke told me that he had been working with Merlin Technologies and they were willing to put his game on their Automatic Scoring Machine (For Steel Tip Darts) called the WILDBULL.

At that time Merlin was willing to let Duke have a machine to test market in the San Diego area and see how it worked. After talking to Duke about this great chance for his game, I decided to invest in 4 machines and he would do the marketing and placement of the DARTGOLF game and the machines.

Duke found us 4 great locations in the San Diego Area, We want to create and increase the playing (shooting) of Steel Tip Darts on an automatic scoring machine. To do this Duke is introducing his game of DARTGOLF to the San Diego area.   We are very pleased to have 4 great locations that have stepped up to help us promote and support the new machine and the game. These locations can be seen by using the LOCATION button on the home page of this site.

We have made changes to the front logo of the machine with the approval of Merlin Technologies to reflect the DARTGOLF game that we are introducing, it also plays all the traditional (standard) Cricket and 01 games. As I write this, we are looking for people, players and shooters of steel darts as well as the soft tip players who have stopped throwing steel tip for what ever reasons to try the game of DARTGOLF !

The machines will play all the traditional (standard) games of Cricket, and 01. We want to offer DARTGOLF as a new and different game of darts that will CHALLENGE and CREATE new interests in playing darts! Leagues and tournaments for DARTGOLF players are being created using the REAL GAME OF GOLF as the blue print. (For Future Tournaments)

We have created this WEB SITE to teach players about the game and to how it is played, scored and how to enjoy this NEW CHALLENGE in darts. Please use the links on the HOME PAGE to visit all the information.

To read how this started, please read Duke’s story on how he has worked over the years to promote this game and how much he cares about his game. It all started one raining afternoon.


David Gardner - CEO   D. Gardner Enterprizes